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Swamp Water WPA Application by Tycoondasher Swamp Water WPA Application by Tycoondasher
Name: Swamp Water

Age: 16 years (Human)

Gender: Male

Height: shorter than a most ponies by a few hoofs but nearly twice as long as a pony

Cutie mark/Special Talent: no cutie mark, his special talent is working in water to create optical illusions, for example a small rainbow over a pond or river

Position: Student

Personality: Swamp Water is shy, but arrogant, he will usually treat ponies well but will treat himself better as well as acting all nervous often, he can also been shown to hide away alone in the depths of water, Swamp Water isn't touchy feely either, he'd prefer that nopony touches him at all.

Physical Description: standing at half the height of a pony but much longer than any pony, his long green body ends in a fin lighter green tail and his back erupts into both a sail and a pair of fins, his head contains 2 red eyes as well as 2 long fangs, his wrists sprout green spikes, his light blue mane is constantly wet, even when he hasn't be in water for a while and clings to his body

History/Past: after his egg hatched his parents quickly taught him what he needed to know to survive and trick ponies, after so they left him to fend for himself in Froggy Bottom Bog, he grew up rather quickly, living off of fish and other native creatures and rarely the passerby, after hearing of WPA he quickly fixed illusions and headed towards the academy, hoping for acceptance

Dorm Buliding: Water

Dorm Room: WD-2

Classes Taken:
Advanced English, Biology, Chemistry, Creature History and Controlling Water

Swamp Water swam up the canal near the school itself, emerging from the water carefully making sure nopony saw him exit the water, he quickly dragged himself towards the front gates, his tough underbelly scales stopping anything from harming him, he stopped and looked upwards at the gate and towards the building "i hope this goes well" he said in his raspy deep voice smiling
NightLash15 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Student Filmographer
Pip: You're cool!
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sw: thanks *blushes*
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November 26, 2012
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