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Walk on the Road my friend
if you walk the path their will be peace in the end
now please, put your tired head down
don't cry anymore tears

Not so long again everything was wrong
their was to much noise
and everyone was confused
but i rose above them
and fly high into the sky
and i flew higher and higher
but i flew too high
my wings burned under the sun

although i could see right fine i was too blind
i could think clearly but i was and am a mad man
even if i could hear the best i still was deaf
everytime i sleep the voices speak to me
and they said

we told you to walk the road, our friend
we said there would be peace for you
how raise your head with pride
please don't cry

i was faking all my reasons
they were nothing but masquerades
the events of this seasons have come and gone
if i claim to be all the wise
i don't know a thing
if i claim to have all the answers
i just have a list of unanswered questions

my life is a ship crashing into the waves of emotions
being thrown about like a ragdoll
now set sail for the beaches of fortune
on the winds of peace
then voices talk again

what did you never walk the road?
what about the peace?
you head is raised all the way
what has you so chuffed?

if i keep going i will always remember
if i reach the shores nothing will match the splendor
and my life would be so empty
all due to my sick vanity
and all the shores are awaiting me
the voices see me, going to the shores

carry on the seas, my friend
there peace will lie
keep this up and head too
and you will be happy
now you won'r cry no more
the meaning behind this is that all i want is peace, you see nothing matches the splendor and beauty of internal peace, of course all the voices can be annoying but im sailing on the seas of emotions with no life rafts, what should i expect?
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June 7, 2012
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