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Submitted on
June 4, 2012
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ive dug myself a hole
a thousand miles deep
i dug it with my dead feelings, suffering and pain
and my shattered will to live

everyone is gone
what happened to me?
you are all thats left
my only friend
they all abandoned me in my hour of need

the hole
ive dug myself in a hole that i can't escape
Pain is nothing but a familiar feeling
shoveling away at the ground

the soil is damp with my tears of pain
nothing is right in this world
everything is wrong
everybody left me behind to die

i am nothing but dirt
and i am going back to the earth
i belong nowhere
i am a lonely boy
left behind by everyone

now if you please
pass down my thorny crown
so i can sit in the muck
and cry all night long

don't try to fix me
im broken beyond repair
lonely and in pain
ill be like a dog
and leave to die

this hole i have dug will be the end
the end of everything
it will ruin everything
this hole will haunt me even if i escape
im damned if i stay in it
and im damned if i leave
im damned
the hole is Representative of depression and my past, how the past does nothing but make you suffer in the present and kill you in the future
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Yeah, I would suggest reading the lyrics first. The song is so fast, you can't decipher all the words by listening. The double kick drum in that song is amazing. AW Crap, I'm late for work again! Oh well.
haha, what do you work as anyway
I work for a wholesale truck & auto parts distributor in Boston. I used to deliver parts,but that got old real quick. Now,I basically manage all the warranties that come in. It pays better than driving,and too many people here simply aren't smart enough to do this job.I have to deal with manufacturers &customer's constantly.
oh that sounds ok, does it pay well?
It's not bad($17.50/hr)USD but i've researched what the job of a warranty manager can pay. It's actually possible to make as much as $25/hr.
I get decent health coverage but I still pay a portion of it.Discounts on parts is very good. I drive a pick-up truck(Ford F-250 7.3L Turbo Diesel)and i get parts wicked cheap.
According to the exchange rates its $1.5 to 1 so thats still good, so you don't get full health coverage? in Britain you get hurt on the good "It a accident" according to lawyers then tou can sue
All companies over here are supposed to carry worker's compensation insurance. So if you get hurt on the job,they pay for the medical and you get like 60% of what you earn in salary while your out.It used to be 80%,I think. For regular health care I pay(deducted from paycheck)about$33USD a week and that's for a single's much more if it's a family plan.
yeah British comparies if they know they're going to get sued they usually just bride the person, give him a couple grand so he doesn't get lawyers involved
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This one reminds me of a killer song by Mudvayne. It's titled 'Dig'. It's very heavy. If you read the lyrics, you'll notice he writes in poetic form. This song will get your blood boiling. The mosh pits get fucking crazy when they play it.
ill check that out sometime
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