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why is it my best plains fail?
i laid them so well
its like a book of fails
why is it only me?
look at what has happened
everything has failed
i just need to bail
this crazy train that is headed for fail

my best laid plans have failed
why is it my plans go a rye?
from mice to men what is up with them?
they stare and taunt and laugh
unknowing of the pain they cause
i need to get away
but i cannot leave myself

what has happened to you?
you said you would be there
you never were there
you lied through your teeth

im going no where in life
and i know i shall fall
i will not stop trying
but it is hard to continue
i should and lie down and wait
for all to end
what has happen?
what will happen?
i guess it was just meant be
even if it wasn't just
its just not fair

why is it i failed?
i was so close
i could touch the sky
and hear the birds
and smell smell the close
now im in a gutter
touching rat shit
hearing bugs
and smelling compost

why does have to be this way?
My plans just all ways fail
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May 17, 2012
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